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Battle of the bulge stomach treatment

Say BYE BYE to excess stomach fat. With the best form of non invasive fat removal, we go deep underneath the layers of the stomach to breakdown fat and increase circulation with a goal to dissolve fat, decompose of fat & remove stubborn fat.

We use Thermo Therapy, Suction Therapy, Radiofrequency, Wrap & InfraRed "Fat Burning" Therapy for IMMEDIATE RESULTS!


Cellulite Treatment

Do you have cellulite that just will not go away? Come to Bella Cache’. Your session will Includes a scrub, thermotherapy, non invasive suction & deep tissue message to breakdown fat, remove the appearance of lumps and reveal new, smoother surface skin.


Skin Care

All facial treatments and skin therapies, begin with a personalized evaluation of your specific skin care needs. Your esthetician will recommend a treatment designed to provide optimal results based on your skin analysis.