I’ve been utilizing the 5 day cleanse for a few years and I can say it always helps me to lose 5-10 pounds in 5 days . It also helps to improve my skin and restores a nice glow to it ! It’s the jumpstart that’s needed to kick off your weight loss journey especially if you don’t know where to begin ! Once you see the pounds falling off it motivates you to keep pushing ! I highly recommend it and the price is unbelievable!!!!
— Sam, Hyattsville, Md

I have been buying supplememts and getting my weight loss services from here. I never had an issue. I arrive on-time for my appointments and receive great service. Lost over 50 lbs
— Naima J. Hyattsville, Md

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— Rachel, Portugal

This is my second Groupon experience here and I must say I just love this place. I came here last year for lipotropic and this year for infrared sauna. Their sauna is just LIFE #ADDICTED
— Tabatha Q. Waldorf, Md

Ive started going to Bella Cache in late March after a Co-worker recommended it. I have really enjoyed the service and products I have recieved from Bella Cache. The staff are very friendly and helpful and they always make you feel very comfortable. Its now August and Im down 31 pounds! I recommend to anyone wanting to get a boost on their weightless goals, its definatley worth checking out Its hassle free and easy to book appointments online. I highly recommend!
— Wendy, Maryland
The staff is professional and very knowledgeable about what you need to get to your goal
— George A. Maryland