Body Treatments


Restoring balance to your BODY is an integral part of life.


InfraRed Treatments


InfraRed Sauna Therapy is a safe and effective way to burn fat, increase metabolism, detoxify & heal the body. Sessions are completed inside of a sauna and uses Near InfraRed Light to increase metabolism, breakdown fat, improve cellulite, help with pain, inflammation and literally detox the body. Clients can focus on specified areas of concern such as abdomen, thighs, arm and back. Typically results are immediate.
Add On: You may add specialized wraps to any session.

20 MINUTES $39

30 MINUTES $49

45 MINUTES $59




Say BYE BYE to excess stomach fat!

We often receive random calls from some who have gone to other places, paid a large amount of money & did not see any results. Well, at Bella Cache’ we offer top notch treatment, we test all services prior to offering to our clients and we can proudly say that YOU WILL SEE RESULTS AFTER YOUR VERY 1ST SESSION.

At Bella Cache’ we cleverly combine the BEST forms of non invasive fat removal therapies to FIRM, LIFT, FLATTEN your stomach & REDUCE stretch marks. A combination of Thermotherapy, Radiant Therapy, Suction Therapy, Wrap & Near InfraRed Fat Burning Therapy is used to quickly and permanently shrink & kill off fat cells. The fat will breakdown, liquefy and eliminate naturally through your lymphatic drainage system & waste. Your sessions will be completed in a comfortable relaxing clean atmosphere. Remember that Bella Cache’ is a no judgement zone. Just lay back relax and allow us to do the work for you.

TREATMENT SESSIONS START @ $139 and are completed by our Registered Nurse and our qualified trained licensed professional staff.


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Cellulite Treatment


Do you have cellulite that just will not go away? Come to Bella Cache’. Your session will Include a scrub, Thermotherapy, non- invasive suction & relaxation message to breakdown fat, remove the appearance of lumps to reveal new, smoother surface skin.


Relaxation Massage

60 MINUTES $65  • 90 MINUTES $85

A smooth, gentle flowing style that promotes general relaxation with the use of essential oils to promote healing, well-being and relaxation. Relax while improving circulation, range of motion and relieving muscular tension.


Body Scrub

90 MINUTES $85

 Body Scrub treatments exfoliates the skin in order to help to improve skin texture, tone and appearance. Revealing a smoother, softer, healthier looking complexion.