Vitamin Injections

Increase Weight loss & overall health & wellness

All natural weight loss injection with "Guaranteed results in your 1st week if you follow our plan." The B12 shot helps burn more calories, increase energy, metabolism, and over all health. The Lipotropic "Fat Burner" is stronger than B12 alone and contains essential amino acids that work directly on the fatty substances in the body to break down fat at a faster rate than normal. Both weight loss injections are safe for the average healthy individual. We recommend you consult with your physician before beginning any weight loss or nutrition program.


Empowering Our Clients to Improve Client Nutrition

Nutritional support is a priority here at Bella Cache’. You will be happy to know that we have incorporated a Practice Counsel for our clients. The Practice Counsel consists of a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Medical Assistant and supportive personnel. We gather information from medical journals, nursing journals and research articles and use evidenced based practice to develop Food Recommendation Lists for meal planning. Understanding how food affects the body is an integral part of nutrition and directly impacts client outcomes.



Nutrition & Weight loss

Our Nutrition & Weight loss program is designed for you if you want to:

  • Improve weight an all natural way

  • Improve overall wellness an all natural way

  • We can work with you under your physician’s supervision to assist with blood pressure, diabetes management and high cholesterol.

  • Improve skin

  • Improve your look

  • Improve YOU!

You can choose from wellness injections such as B12 (metabolism boosters), Lipotropic (all natural fat burner booster).


  • Pill form supplements (Pharmaceutical Grade Lipotropic pills, sweets cravings pills, pharmaceutical grade energy boosters and appetite suppressants with no jitters.


  • Specialized healthy shakes for sweets cravings, appetite suppressant and blood glucose support. Our shakes options are for you if you dont prefer an injection or pills, just know you still have options at Bella Cache'.

  • We also offer you individualized treatment plans with meal planning, grocery lists, nutritional counseling, weigh ins, support and lots more……

B12- Increase energy, boost metabolism for weight loss & burn more calories throughout the day

Lipotropic "FAT BURNER"- Helps your body to breakdown fat at a faster rate than normal and you will lose more inches. We have the strongest Lipotropic available and your clothes will soon be falling off! Time for a new wardrobe as you start to drop clothing sizes!

*Both are all natural vitamin injections that assist with overall health, nutrition and weight loss.

*Price: 1st visit is on us. A FREE CONSULT is given to you. Just tell us what your goals are and together we will make a plan to best help you meet your goals. 

*Services:   Our Weight Loss & Nutrition Services start from $49 and up per month.  We recognize you are unique in your own way therefore we ask that you come in allow us to look at your numbers (weight, body fat, BMI, etc. and together we can decide which plan is best for you. 



Exclusive Weight Loss & Wellness Supplements

Take control of your appetite and eating habits, decrease sugar and carb cravings with our all natural nutritional supplements. We carry crave blocker pills or if you prefer, we have crave blocker shakes. We supply various other weight loss & wellness supplements including  protein shakes, our oh so popular "Bella Body-Tox (lose up to 10 pounds in 5 days)"and so much more......




You are your primary health care decision maker and may choose to whom, under what circumstances and for what purpose he/she seeks services and health care . As a licensed health professional, our Nurse will support and educate you on supplements offered in our center. We support our clients on becoming informed consumers and function within the Health Occupations Article 8, 8:101(f)(v) and (vi) of the State of Maryland.